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Book Description

Æon Flux

Authors: Mike Kennedy, Timothy Green II

Publisher: Dark Horse


ISBN: 1593075286

Lending Period: 7 days


Four hundred years in the future, the last of humanity will live
behind the protective walls of Bregna, an idyllic utopia built to
shelter them from the deadly jungle growing beyond. Life in Bregna
is perfect, or as perfect as the government can make the people
believe. But not everyone is fooled by their mood-altering
propaganda--a small band of freedom fighters wish to see things
change, and they just might manage to pull off this impossible
dream with the help of their top secret agent, the sexy, deadly
Aeon Flux.

Availability: Available

Hellboy, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction

Authors: Mike Mignola, John Byrne
Publisher: Dark Horse
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