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Book Description

Amar Bari Tomar Bari NaxalBari

Authors: Sumit Kumar

Publisher: Horizon Books

Categories: Journalism / Non-Fiction

ISBN: 978-9352128396

Lending Period: 7 days


For the first time, read Independent India's political history in
the form of a no holds barred, satirical comic book. In the newly
independent India - food production is at an all time low,
Zamindars control the farms, Nehru is dead, the coalation bengal
government is headed for the wall and a tiny village in West
Bengal plays host to an uprising. From the tiny village of
Naxalbari the story travels back and forth in time, as it takes
you to pre-independence Hyderabad, post independence Andhra
Pradesh and finally to the jungles of Dandkaranya (Bastar and
surrounding regions) where the sparks of Naxalbari finally grew
into the fire that today impacts India and its people.

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