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Book Description

Carnet De Voyage (Travel Journal)

Authors: Craig R. Thompson

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

Categories: Journalism / Non-Fiction, Slice-Of-Life

ISBN: 978-1891830600

Lending Period: 7 days


Craig Thompson spent three months traveling through Barcelona, the
Alps, and France, as well as Morocco, researching his next graphic
novel, Habibi. Spontaneous sketches and a travelogue diary
document his adventures and quiet moments, creating a raw and
intimate portrait of countries, culture and the wandering artist.

Availability: Available (Not Available for Children)

Most Helpful Reader's Comments

Yashmi Prasad

02-Feb-2018 09:59:24

One should read this after reading Blankets and Habibi and then the reader will be able to understand the stories more meaningfully. What I also loved about the travelogue was that he's so utterly honest in describing his miseries and small happinesses.His honesty on stereotypes is also very refreshing. I am absolutely in love with his illustration style and the movement in his sketches.Go on then, read the book :)

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