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Book Description

New Avengers, Vol. 1: Breakout

Authors: Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki

Publisher: Marvel

Categories: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Superhero

ISBN: 978-0785114796

Lending Period: 7 days


In the wake of the systematic destruction of the original
Avengers, just what sort of threat to the world could persuade
Captain America to assemble an all-new team? And following the
events of Avengers Disassembled, who could possibly be on this
team? How does Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine sound? Fate
has brought them together, and now Captain America wants to make
it permanent! Who will take his hand and join the new Avengers?
And will they be strong enough to fight the mysterious forces at
play around them?

Availability: Available

Hellboy, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction

Authors: Mike Mignola, John Byrne
Publisher: Dark Horse
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