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Book Description

VIZ: The Council Gritter

Authors: VIZ

Publisher:  Dennis

Categories: Family, Humour

ISBN: 1906372993

Lending Period: 7 days


Spreading joy and laughter* far and wide. Due to the current
economic downturn, this year looks gloomy, with forecasters
fearing that the national mood may plunge to its lowest ever
level. But don't despair. For Fulchester County Council has been
stockpiling poor quality cartoons, jokes, spoof ads and articles
to help the country through the icy depression that lies ahead.
The Council Gritter - Viz's latest annual - is a 160-page bumper
hopper of fun, overflowing with the best bits from issues 162 to
171 of Britain's favourite award-winning toilet grin-mag. Priced
at a credit-crunch-friendly £10.99, The Council Gritter will be
ploughing its way into bookshops, supermarkets and internet
stores from October. *Publisher's estimate. Viz reserves the
right for its books not to spread any joy or laughter

Availability: Available (Not Available for Children)

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