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The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk Prelude

Authors:  Mike McKone,J. Michael Straczynski, Daniel Way, Keu Cha, Juan Santacruz

Publisher: Marvel 

Categories: Action & Adventure, Fantasy

ISBN: 785143777

Lending Period: 7 days


The story is pretty straightforward. The Hulk is asked to help
clear out a Hydra weapons cache and it turns out there is a
gamma bomb there and it goes off. This drives the Hulk mad and
he goes around smashing things up and the Human Torch and The
Thing are called upon to take him down. I've always wanted to
see a stand up fight where these two go toe to toe with each
other. And in the end the Hulk comes to his senses and is
brought under control just in time for Nick Fury to ask him to
help take out a killer space station that is in orbit around
Earth.It's kinda bland with what happens. The Hulk gets up there
and smashes the place up and it's rendered inoperable. And of
course the Hulk is tricked by Reed and his crew. The shuttle
that is supposed to take him back to Earth instead takes him far
away from Earth and to the planet where the events of Planet
Hulk take place.

Availability: Available

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Publisher: Dark Horse
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