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Book Description

The Acme Novelty: Rusty Brown

Authors: Chris Ware

Publisher: The ACME Novelty Library

Categories: Drama, Family

ISBN: 156097513X

Lending Period: 7 days


"Rusty Brown" will be serialized in ACME over the course of
several issues (and Pantheon will similarly collect the story in
hardcover sometime upon completion, several years from now). The
first installment begins with young Rusty, an outcast in his
suburban Chicago elementary school, befriended solely by his
Supergirl action figure until he meets new kid on the block and
fellow comic nerd, Chalky White. Rusty's story is an uncomfortably
vivid and uncompromising look into the life of a social outcast.
Ultimately, Rusty Brown will run longer thanJimmy Corrigan,
tracing Brown's life through adulthood, along with every
excruciating moment of failure it brings.

Availability: Available

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