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Book Description

The Book of Bunny Suicides

Authors: Andy Riley

Publisher: Plume

Categories: Drama, Family

ISBN: 452285186

Lending Period: 7 days


Rabbits. We'll never quite know why, but sometimes they decide
they've just had enough of this world- and that's when they start
getting inventive.The Book of Bunny Suicides follows over one
hundred bunnies as they find ever more outlandish ways to do
themselves in. From an encounter with the business end of Darth
Vader's lightsaber, to supergluing themselves to a diving
submarine, to hanging around underneath a loose stalactite, these
bunnies are serious about suicide.Illustrated in a stark and
simple style, The Book of Bunny Suicides is a collection of
hilarious and outrageous cartoons that will appeal to anyone in
touch with their evil side.

Availability: Available

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