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Book Description

Julius Caesar

Authors: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Kalyani Navyug Publications

Categories: Action & Adventure, Drama, Humour, Slice-Of-Life

ISBN: 9789380741819

Lending Period: 7 days


Rome, 44BC, the great general Julius Caesar arrives home from
war as the sole ruler of Rome. The citizens cheer the conquering
hero, but not all are pleased to see him return. Many fear that
with nobody to oppose him, this military genius will become a
cruel dictator. A conspiracy takes shape that ensnares the noble
Brutus, one of Caesar's most trusted allies, in an assassination
plot that will change the course of history. What is most
important, Shakespeare asks, loyalty to your leaders or to your
country? Can good ever come of evil actions, and are those who
speak of freedom always trustworthy?One of Shakespeare?s most
powerful dramas is brought to life in this stunning Campfire
adaptation. Using Shakespeare?s authentic text, this book is a
must for all students of the Bard, making his works accessible
to all. Julius Caesar follows Campfire?s adaptations of Macbeth,
Romeo and Juliet, the Merchant of Venice and The Tempest as
English literature?s greatest works are given the full graphic
novel treatment. All students of Shakespeare?s works will
benefit from this book as the play comes to life before your
very eyes

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