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Book Description

Second Thoughts

Authors: Niklas Asker

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

Categories: Drama, Romance, Slice-Of-Life

ISBN: 1603090371

Lending Period: 7 days


Jess is a writer living in London. Andrew is a photographer on his
way to New York. They do not fall in love - not exactly - but
their brief encounter in Stansted Airport will impact both of
their lives more than they can imagine. In Second Thoughts, the
clean, emotional ink-work of Swedish newcomer Niklas Asker guides
two characters through modern city life and love, as they struggle
separately, yet somehow together. Lost in Translation meets
Stranger Than Fiction! Past and present, reality and fiction
overlap in this sweet, haunting, and ultimately inspiring graphic
novel of modern city life and love.

Availability: Not-Available

Hellboy, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction

Authors: Mike Mignola, John Byrne
Publisher: Dark Horse
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