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Book Description

Sandman Presents: The Furies

Authors: Mike Carey

Publisher: Vertigo

Categories: Fantasy, Horror

ISBN: 1401200931

Lending Period: 7 days


Her story unfolds in the pages of "The Sandman Presents: The Furies." In the three years since Daniel left to fulfill his destiny, Lyta has suffered greatly from the loss of her only son. Born half-human and half-fury, she has always connected more with her human side. But now the bloodline of the Furies - a terrifying trio of spirits who weild an inimitable brand of vengence has token over her senses ...and her sanity.

Availability: Available (Not Available for Children)

Hellboy, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction

Authors: Mike Mignola, John Byrne
Publisher: Dark Horse
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