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Book Description

Creatures Of The Night

Authors: Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli

Publisher: Dark Horse

Categories: Fantasy, Horror

ISBN: 1569719365

Lending Period: 7 days


In "The Price," a black cat like a small panther arrives at a country home and is soon beset by mysterious and vicious wounds. What is he fighting every night that could do this, and why does he persist? "The Daughter of Owls" recounts an eerie old tale of a foundling girl who was left - with an owl pellet - as a newborn on the steps of the Dymton Church. She was soon cloistered away in a local convent, but by her fourteenth year word of her beauty had spread - and those who would prey upon her faced unforeseen consequences.

Availability: Available (Not Available for Children)

Most Helpful Reader's Comments

Madhuri Vaidya

14-Nov-2013 23:45:27

It has got one of the best stories written by Neil Gaiman! The Price!

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