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Book Description

Masters of American Comics

Authors: Various, Ed. John Carlin

Publisher: Yale University Press

Categories: About Comics

ISBN: 741.5973VAR026

Lending Period: 7 days


Comic strips and Comic books were among the most popular and
influential forms of mass media in 20thcentury America. This
fascinating book focuses on fifteen pioneering cartoonists--
ranging from Winsor McCay to Chris Ware--who brought this genre
to the highest level of artistic expression and who had the
greatest impact on the development of the form. Organized
chronologically, Masters of American Comics explores the rise of
newspaper Comic strips and Comic books and considers their
artistic development throughout the century. Presenting a wide
selection of original drawings as well as progressive proofs,
vintage printed Sunday pages, and Comic books themselves, the
authors also look at how the art of Comics was transformed by
artistic innovation as well as by changes in popular taste,
economics, and printing conventions.First appearing in newspaper
Sunday supplements, the Comic strip became immediately
successful and created the largest audience of any medium of its
time. The Comic book first began as a way to print existing
newspaper Comics, then subsequently established the mass
popularity of superheroes in the 1940s and 1950s before it
matured as a vehicle for independent personal expression in the
underground Comic books and GRPCNVLs of the 1960s.Included in
the book are insightful and entertaining essays on individual
artists written by major figures in the fields of Comics,
narrative illustration, literature, popular culture, and art
history. Masters of American Comicsconvincingly positions the
genre of Comics into the history of art and is destined to
become a classic text for years to come.

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