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Book Description

Dead End

Authors: Thomas Ott

Publisher: Fantagraphics

Categories: Classics & Literature, Fantasy, Horror

ISBN: 741.59494OTT001

Lending Period: 7 days


Having avoided Europe's wars for centuries, the Swiss would be a
happy people, one would think. But the zeitgeist is what it is, and
they are as morbid as the rest of us. Case in point: Swiss graphic
artist Ott, whose wordless, noirish stories customarily conclude,
as the title of this two-story album hints, terminally for the main
characters. In fact, The Millionairs [sic] is a tour de force of
dead endings, in which one character after another dies so that the
next can have the briefcase full of cash that is the tale's raison
d'etre. Thus, lots of dead ends. In Washing Day, the corpse count
is singular as a hit man hired by one grim midget goes to dispatch
another and comes, of course, to his own dead end. Ott's virtuosic
scratchboard technique, with which he creates figures, motion, and
energy out of flurries of fine lines, and his storytelling solely
by means of a succession of points of view are what give his work
its peerless downbeat fascination. Ray Olson

Availability: Available (Not Available for Children)

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