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Book Description

Gregory Comic Treasury, Vol. 2

Authors: Marc Hempel

Publisher: DC

Categories: Humour

ISBN: 741.5973HEM002

Lending Period: 7 days


Hempel created the little lunatic Gregory as a repository for all my pent-up fears and insecurities during a frustrating time. Gregory's adventures initially appeared during 1989-93, and Hempel hasn't revived the character. Seems things improved for him. Indeed, the differences between the earlier stories (A Gregory Treasury 1 [BKL My 15 04]) and this book's contents suggest that things were already getting better. The earlier pieces are wilder, more unnerving, and, it must be said, funnier. These are more outward-looking--literally, since a brief story is rendered entirely through Gregory's eyes, and in the two longest, Gregory slips the slammer, first because his cell door is left ajar, then because he is placed in a foster family (dysfunctional, of course, though only normally so). Whereas the earlier stories were gag-development scenarios, the escape story is a serioComic character sketch, the foster-family story a sentimental sitcom episode. The cartooning remains brilliant, but Gregory's hilarious sidekick, the rat Herman Vermin, barely appears. Hempel's gain in lifted spirits was our loss in manic Comics humor. Ray Olson

Availability: Available (Not Available for Children)

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